Charcoal Black Peel Off Mask Deep Cleaning, 2.1 fl oz


Luckyfine Blackhead Mask, Peel off Mask, Deep Cleaner

    • PURIFY SKIN-- Charcoal can remove the pores of dirt, promote metabolism.Purifying your skin and giving you a silken experience.
    • DEEPLY CLEANSING-- Charcoal enhances its assimilate capacity,promoting skin keratin softening.Relieve the skin pores and bring deeply cleansing, let you reborn soft skin.
    • EXCELLENT MULTIPURPOSE-- In addition to clearing skin problems such as blackhead and wrinkles,the mask can make the skin whitening and dilute blemishes,Promote facial blood circulation,revitalize the skin.
    • NUTRITIONAL INGREDIENT-- Rich in charcoal,Natural organic nutrients, a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of skin diseases.Improving skin's immunity and resistance.


    • Apply 1-3 minutes with hot towel after cleansing 
    • Use a small spoon to apply the right amount of mask to the nose or the face
    • Wait 15-20 minutes for the mask to dry and gently tear it from bottom to top
    • Then wash the face with water

    Net Weight 80ge